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About The Credentials And Skills Of Lawyer Kevin Kovacs

Kevin Kovacs founded his law firm after spending 25 years as a trial attorney with the United States Department of Justice and in private practice. At the Law Offices of Kevin Kovacs, Esq., he is committed to providing outstanding client service across a range of legal areas for people in Somerset, Middlesex, Hunterdon and Morris counties.

Personalized solutions to complex legal problems are the hallmark of the law firm. For an experienced lawyer, the legal aspects of a particular dispute usually represent the least of the problem. The tough part is finding the right strategy to advance highly individual goals in the context of unique facts and circumstances. One size never fits all.

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Attorney Kovacs and staff work closely with each client through a number of methods proven to be effective in the resolution of small-business litigation, as well as personal injury and workers' compensation issues:

  • Help identify goals and priorities in a given legal situation
  • Present a range of alternatives for achieving the goals
  • Identify and overcome obstacles to the desired result
  • Identify and protect long-term interests that could be affected by the immediate problem
  • Develop bargaining power and settlement leverage through focused and comprehensive trial preparation

Although relatively few cases need to be resolved through trial, effective trial preparation always enhances the outcome of a case, sending a clear message that you mean business. And more often than not, the evidence you develop with trial in mind turns out to be just what you need to guide your case to a favorable settlement.

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Knowledgeable Attorney And Staff On Your Side

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