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Business Disputes And Commercial Litigation

When a new business venture is launched all may seem to go well at first. But over time, disputes may arise about distribution of profits, perceived fraudulent conduct by one of the partners or decision making by one or more of the partners that puts the business at risk. If this happens, it is important to seek sound legal advice from a competent business law attorney about your options.

With more than 30 years of experienced handling commercial litigation and other business disputes in the Somerville area, attorney Kevin Kovacs provides experienced and client-centered representation.

Services Related To Minority Shareholder Status

It is not uncommon for majority shareholders to work together (or independently) to shut out a minority shareholder in an effort to force the sale of shares or minimize shareholder input into the operations of a business. It is also not uncommon for a minority shareholder to use legal strategies to make demands about operations and investment strategies that the majority owners may feel harms the business.

Whether you are a minority shareholder feeling pinched out by majority partners, or you are in the majority seeking protection from the oppressive demands of the minority, attorney Kevin Kovacs is ready to help with his decades of experience in small business litigation.

Talk To The Firm About Business Dissolution Actions

Whether you need quality legal representation at the beginning of your case or need to turn to an experienced business litigation lawyer when you have tried everything, attorney Kevin Kovacs is ready to help. To further discuss your specific questions and concerns, call the office in Somerville, New Jersey, at 908-336-0311, or contact the firm online today.