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Commercial Landlord-Tenant Representation

Disputes over commercial space are common in the business world. Landlords often disagree with tenants, and tenants are frequently frustrated with landlords. Regardless of the issues you are facing as a commercial landlord or tenant, legal help is available.

At the Law Offices of Kevin Kovacs, Esq., attorney Kevin Kovacs and staff are dedicated to helping businesses that are taking action against their landlords and landlords that are taking action against their business tenants. Attorney Kovacs is particularly insightful into these matters, having handled numerous complex business law, landlord-tenant cases and commercial real estate issues throughout his more than 30 years as a lawyer. He is able to use his vast experience, as well as a client-centered approach, to protect your interests throughout the entirety of the case.

Contracts Between Landlords And Tenants

Attorney Kovacs handles every legal aspect of commercial lease agreements on the side of the landlord and the tenant. Common types of legal issues include:

  • Commercial leases, drafted and reviewed prior to signing
  • Tenant space requirements
  • Issues regarding tenant or property owner responsibilities
  • Disputes over common area charges
  • Dispossession or back rent claims

If these matters are included in the contract, attorney Kovacs can initiate negotiations to see that the contract is enforced or action is taken if something was not addressed in the contract. When negotiations fail, you will have an effective, Certified Civil Trial Attorney on your side in court. As of 2014, of the approximately 75,000 active lawyers in New Jersey, only 1,600 held this certification.

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