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Working To Protect Your Confidential Proprietary Information

Regardless of their size, all businesses have a need to maintain policies that dictate how aspects of the business are handled. This includes proprietary information. If this confidential, proprietary information were to leave the business or were to be used by another business, it could place your business' future in jeopardy.

At the Law Offices of Kevin Kovacs, Esq., attorney Kevin Kovacs provides owners and operators of small businesses in the Somerville, New Jersey, area with the guidance they need regarding proprietary information. From creation of policies and documentation to litigation over the use of confidential information, attorney Kovacs can tailor services to meet the needs of your business.

Highly Skilled Litigation Representation

Proprietary information can include client contacts, products pricing, marketing strategies and trade secrets. If you believe your business' confidentiality has been breached, and that an employee has taken proprietary information to use to his or her benefit, attorney Kovacs can step in. With more than 30 years of experience in business law, he can consult with you regarding ways to prevent the information from being used against you.

  • One way to prevent the theft of confidential proprietary information by an employee is to create a non-compete agreement (covenant not to compete). Whether this is part of your general new hire materials or something you want to impose at any point, these contracts can be worded in a way that protects your business, and detail what employees can and cannot do with your business' information.
  • If the information is taken and used anyway, attorney Kovacs is prepared to litigate on your behalf. Attorney Kovacs can handle all aspects of the litigation process, from the initial requests to cease and desist the use of all proprietary information to arguing the matter in court.

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When an employee has left your business and is using proprietary information to take customers away from you, this can negatively impact your business' reputation and future revenue potential. Do not let this happen. Call the firm at 908-336-0311, or contact the office online to discuss your options for taking action.