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Handling All Aspects Of Covenants Not To Compete

Many businesses implement contracts with their employees to specifically detail the employee obligations and expectations. One type of contract that is often presented is a covenant not to compete, or non-compete agreement. While non-competes are a beneficial way to protect the business, they have to be crafted in a certain way to ensure they are reasonable and legally binding.

When you need assistance with the creation, review or litigation of a covenant not to compete document or a non-compete clause in a contract, the right attorney can help. Attorney Kevin Kovacs has extensive knowledge of business litigation matters involving contracts and other business issues. Mr. Kovacs is a highly skilled lawyer with more than 30 years of experience working to protect the rights of owners and operators of small businesses throughout the Somerville, New Jersey, area.

A Covenant Not To Compete — What Does It Mean For You?

  • For executives: The higher up in a company you are, the more limiting your non-compete may be on your future employment endeavors. Mr. Kovacs works with executive-level employees to review any non-compete contracts or clauses to determine whether and to what extend they are enforceable.
  • For businesses: Drafting and implementing a covenant not to compete is an important tool to protect your business from employees who may leave your employ and seek to steal your clients based on what he or she learned in your employ. A non-compete must be aimed at a certain need, such as the protection of specific confidential proprietary business information and client lists, and must have a shelf life. That is, the non-compete cannot limit an employee forever, but for a certain period of time. It can also detail the action, up to and including vigorous litigation, that will be taken in the event that the covenant is violated.

Get Insight Into Your Non-compete Agreement

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